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Music Factory inc.
Welcome to Music Factory Inc. We are a creative consulting company that specializes in cutting edge technology with stunning imaginery while providing the ultimate visual solutions for marketing and décor challenges.

We lend our expertise to the retail and corporate industries to help assist them speaking the consumer’s language. We create unique initiatives, campaigns and branding that put your company in the eye of your target market.

Whether your company is at trade shows, conventions or participating as a sponsor of any event we can integrate your brand in ways that make you stand out from the main stream.

As a total solutions provider, Music Factory Inc. offers your company a wide range of design, ideas & services including; special lights design, custom product design, space planning, music and high-end audiovisual equipments.


Our mission is to offer the most advanced, "out-of the-box" solutions for décor and marketing needs, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and visuals.

Our commitment is to keep innovation flowing on a continual basis, we will unveil new creations, which will be ideal for events, trade shows, conventions, conferences, retail, pro­motions, permanent installations and ­much more...